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Learn More About Trasylol Lawsuits

If you have suffered serious side effects, or lost a loved one as a result of Trasylol, consult a personal injury lawyer who specializes in drug recall cases immediately. An experienced pharmaceutical attorney or drug recall attorney can advise you of your rights and pursuing a lawsuit.

Trasylol, also marketed as aprotinin, is a natural proteinase inhibitor obtained from cattle lung. The drug was previously used during heart surgery to prevent heavy blood loss despite many reported side effects.

Recently Trasylol has been recalled.

Studies show a long history of health problems associated with patients taking Trasylol. One of the first Public Health Advisories issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerning the drug came in February 2006. It alerted doctors that Trasylol was linked in 2 scientific publications to higher risks of serious side effects including kidney problems, heart attacks and strokes in patients who underwent artery bypass graft surgery.

 According to the FDA, under a limited use agreement, access to Trasylol is now restricted to investigational use of the drug according to the procedures described in a special treatment protocol. The protocol allows Trasylol administration to certain patients who are at increased risk of blood loss and transfusions during surgery and who have no acceptable alternative therapy.

If Trasylol is used in this type of situation, the physician must verify that the benefits of the drug clearly outweigh the patient’s risk of using it.

Big Business
In May of 2008, Bayer announced it was removing remaining supplies of Trasylol from the U.S. Bayer agreed to a 2007 request by the FDA to suspend marketing of the drug. The request was made following a Canadian study which suggested that Trasylol increased the risk of death in patients, compared to 2 other drugs used to control bleeding.

Buyer Beware
Another study made by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that patients given Trasylol had a 50% or more chance of dying than patients who received different drugs as well. is your trusted source for qualified Trasylol Lawsuit Attorneys.

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